The Day The Internet Will Break For Millions

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2012)


By Rod Rasmussen on January 11, 2012

The Day The Internet Will Break For Millions—A Looming Deadline in the Aftermath of ‘Operation Ghost Click’

Just two months ago, the Internet security community and international law enforcement scored a great victory on November 8, 2011, when news came out about Operation Ghost Click. This operation had just culminated in the arrest and extradition of several alleged Estonian cybercriminals who are charged with controlling an extensive network of infected computers via malware known as “DNSChanger” over several years, defrauding consumers out of tens of millions of dollars. The FBI, working in concert with NASA, the Estonian police, and several private sector firms and security researchers, orchestrated the complete takedown of the DNSChanger infrastructure. Concurrently, authorities took over the criminal network itself so that victim machines could be identified, cleaned, and repaired. It is estimated that this criminal malware infected more than four million computers since 2007. (continue reading) ….