TechMan: Where do I report?

(Last Updated On: May 7, 2012)



May 6, 2012 12:03 am

By Ced Kurtz / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

When the FBI asks for help, TechMan always tries to oblige.

There was that small matter with Patty Hearst a few years ago.

And to go even further back, there was the night J. Edgar called and asked if I knew which movie John Dillinger was planning to see. And if I knew anything about that girl young Clyde Barrow was hanging around with.

So when authorities asked the media (and even though the media blanches when they hear it, TechMan is part of the media) to publicize a tech situation that could cause thousands to lose Internet connectivity on July 9, my answer was, “Where do I report?”

Let’s start last fall. In November, the FBI arrested six Estonian hackers and accused them of making millions from an online advertising scam that involved fake, or rogue, DNS servers. (Read the complete article)