The Day The Internet Will Break For Millions

  By Rod Rasmussen on January 11, 2012 The Day The Internet Will Break For Millions—A Looming Deadline in the Aftermath of ‘Operation Ghost Click’ Just two months ago, the Internet security community and international law enforcement scored a great victory on November 8, 2011, when news came out about Operation Ghost Click. This operation Read More

RIPE NCC Intends to Seek Clarification from Dutch Court on Police Order to Temporarily Lock Registration

16 Nov 2011 The RIPE NCC intends to take the Dutch public prosecutor to court over a police order it received on 8 November 2011 to lock a registration of four IP address blocks in the RIPE Registry until 22 March 2012. Read: RIPE NCC Blocks Registration in RIPE Registry Following Order from Dutch Police Read More

US-CERT: Operation Ghost Click Malware

{Source}   On November 9, 2011 US Federal prosecutors announced Operation Ghost Click, an ongoing investigation that resulted in the arrests of a cyber ring of seven people who allegedly ran a massive online advertising fraud scheme that used malicious software to infect at least 4 million computers in more than 100 countries.   The Read More

DNSChanger Fraud Ring Busted

by Kevin Haley Symantec Employee Here’s a money making idea: find some advertisers and tell them you can put their ads on billboards at half the going rate. You don’t own any billboards? No problem, just go paste the ads over the ones on someone else’s billboards. This idea has not really caught on in Read More

Feds shutter DNS malware scam that infected 4 million PCs

$14m scheme attacked Macs as well as Windows By Dan Goodin in San Francisco  9th November 2011 22:31 GMT Federal authorities have shut down an international conspiracy that forced more than four million computers to connect to fraudulent webpages when users tried to visit Netflix, the US Internal Revenue Service, Apple’s iTunes and other services. Prosecutors Read More