July 9 could be ‘Internet doomsday’ for some (so check your PC or Mac)

(Last Updated On: April 27, 2012)

 by Suzanne Choney

July 9 might be “Internet doomsday” for PC and Mac users who haven’t taken steps to make sure their systems are not infected with what’s being called DNSChanger malware.

That’s right: Your Internet connection may not work that day because the safety net now in place from the FBI against the malware will be removed then, and if your computer is infected, you won’t be able to get to the Internet.

Let’s back up a minute to give you some quick background. Last fall, the FBI arrested six Estonian nationals who were charged with using malware and rogue DNS servers to hijack millions of computers worldwide.

At that time, Trend Micro’s Feike Hacquebord called it the “biggest cybercriminal takedown in history.” The company was one of several that worked with the FBI on the takedown, and described the scheme:


A variety of methods of monetizing the DNSChanger botnet [are] being used by criminals, including replacing advertisements on websites that are loaded by victims, hijacking of search results and pushing additional malware.

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