Feds shutter DNS malware scam that infected 4 million PCs

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2011)

$14m scheme attacked Macs as well as Windows

By Dan Goodin in San Francisco  9th November 2011 22:31 GMT

Federal authorities have shut down an international conspiracy that forced more than four million computers to connect to fraudulent webpages when users tried to visit Netflix, the US Internal Revenue Service, Apple’s iTunes and other services.

Prosecutors named seven Eastern European defendants who allegedly generated more than $14 million in profit by infecting Macs and Windows machines with malware that replaced the IP addresses of legitimate sites with those controlled by the attackers. Operators received a payment each time a rogue page was opened because they had entered into advertising agreements awarding them fees based on the number of times links for certain websites were clicked on. (read full article)