Facebook Alerts Users About DNSChanger Malware

(Last Updated On: June 6, 2012)

Facebook will notify users who have DNSChanger malware on their computers of the infection and remind them that if left infected, they will lose Internet access come July 9.

When a user browses to Facebook from a DNSChanger-infected computer, the social networking giant will display an alert with a link to the DNSChanger Working Group’s website, the Facebook security team wrote on the Facebook Security blog on June 4. The DCWG website contains information about the malware and instructions on cleaning up the infection.

“As a result of our work with the group [DCWG], Facebook is now able to notify users likely infected with DNSChanger malware and direct them to instructions on how to clean their computer or networks,” the team wrote.

Google announced a similar plan back on May 22. The search giant displays alerts to victims through its search pages. CloudFlare,a company that provides hosted security and content accelerations services for websites, also offers customers a DNSChanger notification tool. Once a CloudFlare customer turned on the tool within its administrative panel, all visitors to its Website would be immediately notified if they are infected with DNSChanger.

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