Checking for DNS Changer on Windows XP

Checking for DNS Changer on Windows XP

The easiest way to check if your system is violated with DNS Changer malware is to go to one of the “are you infected sites” (see below). These sites only require someone to visit. The “are you infected site” will inform you if you are infected.

Note: These sites only detect for DNS Changer. You might be infected with other malware. Please take appropriate precautions to protect your computer.

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Manually Checking for DNS Changer Infections

The following are the original manual checks to see if you computer is infected with any of the DNS Changer malware.

To check if your Windows XP machine is infected, first click the “Start” button.

Clicking the start button opens the Windows menu. Locate the “Run” option in the menu and
select it.

In the dialog, type in “cmd”, as the name of the program to run. (This opens a DOS shell. This is also available under other parts of the Windows Menu.)

  In DOS shell, type in the command:

ipconfig /all

and hit enter.

The command you entered displays information about your computer’s network settings. Read the line starting with "DNS Servers". There might be two or more IP addresses listed there. These are the DNS servers your computer uses. Write down these numbers

Are Your DNS Settings OK?

The malicious Rove viruses changed some peoples DNS settings to use computers they operated.

Compare your DNS settings with the known malicious Rove DNS settings listed below:

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What if I’m infected?

If you computer is infected, please refer to our page that list tools to clean DNS Changer and other self help guides to clean your computer –


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