DCWG Ends Clean DNS Function

(Last Updated On: July 9, 2012)

On 12:01 Eastern Time on Monday July 9th 2012, the DCWG stop responding to DNS queries from infected machines. This is in compliance with the US Justice Department Court Order authorizing the clean DNS servers.

At 12:23 Eastern Time on Monday July 9th 2012, the server started to reply to all DNS request with an ICMP Unreachable. This would help infected computers troubleshot their problem is they find they cannot access DNS servers.

Some data will be collected through Monday July 9th, 2012, but the servers will be disconnected at midnight. At that time the BGP route advertisements will be shut down for the following IPs:

[ahm-wp-tabular id=486 template=Web2]

These IP addresses will be monitored by a several Service Provider and Security Organizations to insure they are not “maliciously hijacked.”